The Pet Therapy Groomer Treatment Starter Pack contains everything you need to give your customers the complete ‘spa’ experience.

4 litre size ideal for groomers use and retail the 300ml sizes to your clients.

Pack contains
1 x Lavender Shampoo 4L
1 x Jojoba Shampoo 4L
1 x Mandarin Shampoo 4L
3 x Lavender Shampoo 300ml
3 x Jojoba Shampoo 300m
3 x Mandarin Shampoo 300ml
3 x Lavender Body Spritz 200ml
3 x Jojoba Body Spritz 200ml
3 x Mandarin Body Spritz 200ml
3 x Lavender Wash Sponge
3 x Jojoba Wash Sponge
3 x Mandarin Wash Sponge
3 x Nose & Paw Balm

Display stand
2 x salon posters
50 x leafl ets
10 x Pet Therapy Luxury Gift Bags


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